Insta Thunder APK V18 Download Latest for Android 2024

This Insta Thunder Apk is the greatest Instagram-modified version for Android devices and iOS. This app is made by SamMods. This program has ultra-privacy settings and a message-bombing tool that you can employ, ensuring an ad-free browsing experience. For an enhanced experience, you can also utilize its shortcut and micro features.Β 

App nameInsta Thunder APK
Latest Versionv18
Size 71 MB
File TypeAPK
Mod InfoFor Android
Get It OnGoogle Play Store
Rating Count35800
Last Update1 hour ago

Information of InstaMod APK Files

What Is Insta Thunder APK?

This Insta Thunder APK is a smooth mod version that aims to improve features like providing texting and calling, pictures, stories, and video capabilities to its users. It will be identical to the first application but have additional benefits that will help in the same way that it offers word decoding and duplication.

You can use a free interpreter in message discussion groups and download images, videos, reels, posts, and more to your storage.Β 

insta thunder apk

How To Use InstaThunder APK?

With the help of this simple manual, you can utilize the Instant Thunder Apk. There aren’t many difficult principles in the Insta Thunder. it’s a straightforward system. Texting, phoning, liking photos and videos, and leaving comments.

The arrow shows your inbox in the top right corner. You can click on the other upper extreme to add pictures or video stories. Likewise, there is a plus icon in the middle of the bottom grid where you may click to add postings containing photos, reels, videos, and other content.

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Advanced Features (2024)

Read the list of key features below:

features of insta thunder apk

Shopping Items In Search:

Instead of panicking if someone uses a challenging term while you’re navigating the app or in the chat box, you can press and hold that word to wait for the β€œsearch” option to emerge. When you click on it, the in-app browser will launch and you may search the Instant Thunder Apk for that term.Β 


InstaThunder APK is regularly updated to reflect Instagram’s constantly changing dynamics, ensuring the software remains effective and relevant.Β You can like and dislike any item.

Interface Friendly to Users:

User comfort was considered in the design of the Thunder APK. It is easy for everyone to use even with its many features because it is simple to browse.Β 


Our top priority is keeping you secure. Because of this, InstaThunder APK has implemented strict security measures to protect your information and guarantee a safe Instagram browsing experience, ensuring you enjoy an ad-free experience.


Discovered a post you believe your buddy may enjoy? While using this app, sharing a post is as simple as copying and pasting its URL.Β 


When was the last time you were engrossed in an Instagram story when an advertisement appeared? Annoying, isn’t that right? You may bid those obnoxious advertisements farewell and welcome to undisturbed surfing with the modified Thunder app like GB Insta, Gold Insta, JT Instagram APK, and lite Insta, etc.Β 


Sometimes all we want to do is silently peruse the stories without drawing attention to ourselves, a feature of Insta Thunder ultra-privacy settings. This is exactly what the InstaThunder APK enables you to accomplish, providing you with greater privacy control.Β 

App Lock:

The newest merchandise that is difficult to locate on Google and other website search engines is now available for purchase here. Apk purchasing on Insta Thunder is highly dependable since you can read product reviews and remark on anything you don’t like.Β 

Save IGTVs and Other Media:

With several codes, you may lock your Instagram Thunder app from someone. You can be certain that nobody will be able to access your app space when you use this mod version to add additional layers of security.

Tracker: Follow Unfollow

You can save any kind of media file, including IGTVs, straight to your gallery. The music and filter you upload to the Insta Thunder music library are preserved with these.Β 

In-app browser: 

You have the option of opening a different browser to view any link.

Conversations DND Mode: 

No message sending or receiving is possible.

some shortcut features:

  • Turn on/Off Double-tap to show appreciation
  • Tap three times to download media.
  • Long tap to zoom in on the picture.
  • Disable swipe to open camera and direct message.
  • Hide your story
  • Story archival
  • High-quality images
  • Verification for supporter

How To Download Insta Thunder APK Latest Version?

Follow these simple steps to download this modified, unbanned & latest version of Insta Thunder on a phone device. Enjoy the latest feature of Insta Thunder APK v16 download.

  • This webpage has a box that says β€œDownload the InstaThunder APK.”
  • Once you’ve located it, press it to start the Insta Thunder version download.
  • Once the download is completed, Navigate to Security Settings under the Settings menu on your mobile device.
  • Permit to download the APK version by selecting β€œAllow Access to Unknown Sources.”
  • Locate and tap the InstaThunder APK file that is now located in your Files folder.
  • When the Insta Thunder app install button appears, press it.
  • Best wishes! Someone has downloaded it!

Insta Thunder Web/PC Download

The easy procedures below can be used to download the Insta Thunder Web onto a Windows computer:

  • Look for the Bluestacks software online to facilitate the APK download. Make sure you obtain it from a reliable and secure third-party source.
  • Open it after the download is finished.
  • Now use your keyboard to search for β€œInstaThunder APK” and hit the Yes or Enter keys.
  • After doing this, a list will appear in front of you, from which you may select the Insta Thunder version.
  • Select the β€œinstall now” option, which will show on the PC screen.


You may use the message bombing feature and the extreme privacy features with this Insta Thunder APK. For unfamiliar terms, it provides definitions and synonyms. You can access your mailbox using the options located in the upper two corners of the app’s home screen, In addition to contributing photos, reels, posts, pictures, and videos.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

InstaThunder APK latest version is the best Instagram.

It is not available on app store but you can download it on the website.

Yes, it’s free.