InstaPro Multi Color APK for Android Latest Version 2024

App nameInstaPro Multi Color APK
Latest Versionv9.35
Size 55.5 MB
File TypeAPK
Mod InfoFor Android
Rating Count2500
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Last Update1 hour ago

Information of InstaMod APK Files

InstaPro Multi Color APK

Did you think the InstaPro APK was amazing but its color didn’t catch your eye? The InstaPro Multi Color APK, which lets you select whatever tone you want from blue, red, green, and other colors, is the one you should select. You can select from a variety of hues, so you shouldn’t be concerned if your preferred color isn’t available.

InstaPro Multi Color APK

What Is Multi Color Instagram Mod?

Introduced to you is the InstaPro latest version, which is essentially a modified version of the Instapro app that comes with a gorgeous bright theme and clipboard administrative features. Additionally, this application allows you to see unsent messages, access the lock pin, and conceal your actions. Additionally, there is a “Turn on tracker” button that allows you to easily add website information to your Instagrampro multi-color profile or modify your page’s information. To rearrange data, use the extra InstaPro clipboard. Start with one post’s worth of data, then move on to the next.

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How to use InstaPro Multi Colour APK?

The InstaPro mod APK functions identically as the InstaPro app, while certain features are different. For account privacy, you can use the three-step verification process. Additionally, you have the option to modify the privacy settings to conceal your history of likes, comments, stories viewed, and so on. You must go to your app’s main profile page and select Edit Profile if you wish to change the color. This is where you can set the desired color using the color change option with a compass.

InstaPro APK Features:

No AutoPlay Video Feature

You can read the following list of key InstaPro APK features that we have compiled:

Choose Multi Colors

Instagram users love watching videos, therefore to enhance their experience, Instagram Pro Multi-Color offers the option to autoplay videos. The autoplay let down those who liked seeing a video and wanted to watch it again. Many find it bothersome when videos automatically play, replacing the one they were watching with a new one.

Free Stories Download

For Instagram, the InstaPro Multi Color mod apk offers a wide range of colors.You can even mix and match your favorite colors to create a custom theme for your Instagram Pro app. 

Absent Advertisements

The Instapro multi-color hack can assist you in downloading a single story from someone or all of the stories to watch at a later time. These Instapro stories are available for free download on iOS and Android.

Enhanced Unfollowing Insights

One amazing aspect of InstaPro is that it instantly lets you know who unfollowed you. This is a default tool that may be accessible from your profile. It provides you with quick updates on your followers’ status, which aids in raising your awareness of the level of audience engagement. With InstaPro’s capability, you may compose discreetly, unlike Instagram where writing a message usually alerts the recipient. Your conversation will be private because the other person won’t be able to tell what you’ve been up to.

Viewing Stealth Stories

You can view other people’s stories using InstaPro’s privacy-focused feature without leaving any digital trace. You can browse silently while this option is selected because your profile is hidden from the viewer’s list under “Stories seen.” The Instagram Pro app modifies Instagram’s default message reading state. 

Maximum-Grade Picture Display

By ensuring that your photos are shown in the highest quality possible, InstaPro enhances your visual experience. You can get images that are crisper and sharper than Instagram’s default compression and resolution reduction by using this tool.

Superior Story Upload

If you upload a high-resolution photo, it may not upload or create a problem after uploading. Still, in InstaPro you can upload photo quality of high-resolution. InstaPro surpasses Instagram’s usual story limit of 15 seconds by extending it to 60 seconds. This allows for the telling of a lengthier, more detailed story in a single upload.

Downloads for Triple Tap Media

This feature, which enables you to rapidly save any photo or video with just three touches, streamlines the process of keeping your favorite content. This feature allows you to fast-forward to key segments of lengthy live recordings, which enhances the viewing experience and saves time. 

Personalized Conversation Display 

You can completely alter the chat interface with InstaPro to make it your own. This involves altering the backdrop color and wallpaper. There’s no need for other security apps because the app has an integrated lock feature. PIN code timeouts and chat notifications with hidden information are examples of features that can be customized.

Various Font Styles

With over 20 font options, InstaPro allows users to personalize their text presentation to their preferences and use a typeface other than Instagram’s default. The software makes it easy to recognize and utilize Instagram and InstaPro on your device with a plethora of icon options. 

Strong Backup and Restoration

With InstaPro’s robust backup solution, you can safeguard your important messages and images offline. With options for backup and restoration, it ensures the secure preservation of your digital messages and memories. Instagram’s dependence on an external browser is addressed by InstaPro, which offers an integrated in-app browser for a more smooth user experience. 

How To InstaPro APK safe download?

Before downloading Instagram Pro Multi Color for Android, you must install any similar Instagram apps from your device.

  • Next, you need to find and click on the button that says “download the InstaPro Mod APK” on this website.
  • The download for the Customized Instagram APK version will begin.
  • Open the Instagram modded APK file from the Files folder and start using it.

Multi Color APK for Instagram Web/PC Download

To download the Customized Instagram APK onto a Windows PC, follow these simple steps:

  • Search and download Blue Stack.
  • Now type “InstaPro Multi Color APK” into your keyboard and press Enter.
  • There will be a list of apps; choose InstaPro Multi Color from the list.
  • And start downloading.

How To Install InstaPro Multi Color APK for Android?

Before using this program, you must enable access from unknown sources in Settings and uninstall the installation mods that are currently installed on your Android smartphone.

  • Click the Files menu and select the InstaPro icon after these options are enabled.
  • When the app opens, a pop-up window asking for permission to install the InstaPro APK for Android will show up.
  • Select “Install Now.”
  • After installation, its icon will appear on your smartphone next to other apps.
  • You can now enjoy the app’s use.

Let’s now conclude this post about the InstaPro latest version below:


You can choose whatever tone you want from blue, red, green, and other colors with the InstaPro Multi Color APK. Additionally, you may access the Lock Pin and give your app a multicolored bio. Additionally, you have the option to modify the privacy settings to conceal your history of likes, comments, stories viewed, and so on. These Instagram stories are available for free download on both iOS and Android. You can now also get its most recent version.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

With the ruler in the color palette, you may indeed set the instapro multi-color apk’s tone to neon.

Indeed, the instapro multi-color iOS is an iOS version of this program.

55 MB make up the instapro multi-color apk.